Merchiston Castle School: our aims

Visitors to Merchiston Castle School, one of Scotland’s leading boarding schools, often comment on the wonderful atmosphere they sense, something which cannot fully be described in words. Author Alexander McCall Smith referred to ‘the feeling of friendship and mutual respect’ he had become aware of during his visits to Merchiston.

Our ethos is concerned with people and relationships, and particular importance is attached to the development of personal character and moral values in our pupils. The atmosphere, although in some respects formal, is also one of pleasant and relaxed collaboration between pupils and staff.

Merchiston Castle School delivers an extraordinary, value-added academic experience.
We have an impressive record of helping boys excel far beyond their expected results at GCSE and A level. Exam results have placed Merchiston at the top of the A level league tables of Scottish schools for the last three years. A high percentage of pupils go on to join the most prestigious universities in the UK and abroad, including many to Oxford and Cambridge and the ‘Russell Group’.

We are an extremely nurturing school with high standards of pastoral care.
From our youngest boarder aged 7, to the young men in the Sixth Form, the School provides a full-boarding programme seven days a week. All boys have a defined support structure to monitor and mentor their well being and day-to-day happiness.

We are a school for every type of boy, including those who are keen on sport, but also those who are not games players.
Merchiston’s sporting programme plays an extremely important role in School life and the team of staff works hard to achieve excellence within a ‘sport for all’ philosophy, offering training and competition in over 20 sports. At present, the School has national and international representation in athletics, rugby, cricket, tennis and golf.

Merchiston develops all-rounders, who, at one and the same time, have good academic platforms and who are also well rounded people.
Our main objective is to motivate pupils to try their hardest and to strive to achieve the highest levels possible in all areas – firstly academic, then cultural, sporting, leadership and simply living together as part of a community. The modern way of life at Merchiston is therefore busy and exacting and we seek to maintain the delicate balance of priorities within and outwith the classroom.