CCF Summer Camp

CCF Summer Camp

30th August, 2017

School Trip

On Saturday 1 July 2017, thirty-one boys from Merchiston and thirty-nine girls from St George’s formed up at Barry Buddon Training Camp near Monifieth for the annual CCF Camp. To oversee training, six members of CCF staff and two pastoral carers were in attendance.

On arrival, all cadets were issued with all kit and equipment required for the duration of camp. After a rules briefing, the cadets were shown to the accommodation to settle in. Thereafter, training started at a pace, Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs) were to be put in place, which ensured that all cadet equipment was carried in exactly the right way by each and every cadet. The cadets’ places within Platoons, Sections and Fire Teams were practised again, ensuring SOPs were the same across all groups and teams, and ensuring smooth transition from one group to another if required. Demonstrations by the military staff were given to highlight the correct use of minor tactics and Section Battle Drills, essential to the 36-hour field exercise.

Throughout the week, Skills and Drills were practised and rehearsed, including a range day with live firing, and a round robin of stands including first aid and paintball in a fire and movement scenario, mine clearance and indoor shooting. The 36-hour field exercise practised leadership skills and management at the senior cadet level, and working as an effective member of a team for the junior cadets. The exercise is loosely based around current British Army tactics and information gathering, leading to Ambushes, Close Target Recces and the inevitable Section Attacks.

A day is set aside as a Contingent Disposal day and this unit laid on outdoor activities with Ancrum Outdoors, a subsidiary contractor with Dundee City Council. The cadets were given the choice of various activities, with the majority choosing to do Coasteering (sea swimming with cliff jumps), Cycling and Sea Kayaking. This has proved popular in previous years and most at some stage in their time in the cadets do the coasteering, whilst some of the younger and smaller cadets prefer to wait a year or two to participate.

It goes without saying that, although the teaching and instruction of all activities is invaluable to the cadets, the main focus is on fun. From the 1000+ photographs taken, the smiles on faces show this aim of fun to have been a resounding success. The staff are to be thanked and congratulated for giving up voluntary time to make all this happen: from Merchiston, Maj Ewing, Lts Belding, George, Roache & Rowlands, and from St George’s, Capt McEwen, Lt Hillier and Ms Thomas.

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