D of E Silver Award walking practice expedition

D of E Silver Award walking practice expedition

19th April, 2017

School TripSixth Form

The boys set off in high spirits but were met with wet weather and some individuals seemed to struggle with boots and blisters. Many were able to carefully manage their feet, and will take away the experience for the qualifying. One boy unfortunately also rolled his ankle, which made the last day of walking unbearable for him. He did manage two nights of camping, however, which was sufficient for his practice expedition. Along with a few others, he will take a different approach to footwear when it comes to the qualifying expedition.

Teamwork among the group members was satisfactory and most navigational errors were corrected. Supervisor contact was reduced during the three days and the boys learnt lots in respect to camp craft and suitable food selection for walking in remote terrain. Hot meals are essential during cold weather and I am sure that some individuals will choose porridge on their qualifying expedition as small biscuits at breakfast simply do not provide sufficient nutrition.

There was a slight tendency, at times, to bury the head in a map and not look up and around, to catch the obvious features, like signs!

We now move on to the qualifying expedition in June.


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