I Form History visit to Vindolanda

I Form History visit to Vindolanda

9th March, 2017

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This term, in History lessons, First Form boys have been learning about Ancient Rome and this week they were lucky enough to have the opportunity to make a day trip down to the Roman Army Museum and the ruins of Vindolanda fort in Northumberland. Setting off from School at 8am, the excitement was palpable and the sun was shining. The journey down, accompanied by music and chat, passed quickly and before they knew it the boys were sitting in a “lesson” taken by a holographic Roman teacher who taught them all about schooling in Ancient Rome as well as some basic Latin. This was shortly followed by a 3D movie experience in which they learnt all about the Romans in Britain and life as a guard on Hadrian’s Wall.

After some time in groups exploring the amazing artefacts and fascinating information around the museum, it was time for lunch and, of course, a chance to spend a little money in the museum shop for a suitable souvenir!

Now laden with toy swords, Roman necklaces and various coins of “silver” and “bronze”, the boys marched onto the incredible ruins of Vindolanda fort. They enjoyed a superb talk from an archaeologist who told them all about how they excavate and how they piece together information to build a fuller picture of events from long ago. The talk finished just in time before the sky opened and it started pouring down. Undeterred, however, the boys continued to explore the rest of the site, including a recreation of a section of Hadrian’s Wall and another museum.

Before they realised it, it was time to venture back up north and reflect upon a fantastic and memorable day of learning in the field. We are so lucky to live so close to such incredible places!

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