Pringle Clan sport

Pringle Clan sport

8th December, 2016


This term the boys have enjoyed various different sporting and activity based events which have contributed to the house point system in the Junior School. The newly named ‘Clan’ events have always been very popular in the Junior School and have given a real sense of belonging and a family atmosphere to each and every boy in Pringle. Members of Dreghorn, Pentland, Redford and Spylaw have come against each other in a variety of different events, such as the newly introduced Talent Contest, International and General Knowledge quizzes, Football, Basketball and in the coming weeks a Touch Rugby competition. The boys have continued to buy into the ethos of these events, coming together and supporting not just boys in their own Clan but also showing encouragement and comradery to those in rival Clans.

The Clan competition has become an opportunity for all to compete in a friendly but competitive environment, concentrating on the participation and varied talents of all Clan members. It has also given members of the III form an opportunity as Clan Leaders along with their Deputies, to show key leadership skills as they start to make their transition from the Junior School to the Senior School.

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