UVI chemists visit EPP Pharmaceutical Chemicals

UVI chemists visit EPP Pharmaceutical Chemicals

9th March, 2017

AcademicSixth Form

A group of 14 A Level Chemistry students visited a local pharmaceutical company at the Pentland Science Park, south of Edinburgh. The company analyses chemical samples from across the world, mainly in the fields of medicinal and agricultural chemical products; they also synthesis their own molecules for medical use.

The boys were given a tour of the labs and shown techniques that they will be seeing in their A Level syllabus, including Gas and Liquid Chromatography, Mass spectrometry, IR spectroscopy and NMR. This last is particularly impressive, with a £500,000 machine that operates at -269°C.

It was a great insight into the real world of Chemistry and the opportunities available through a Chemistry degree. Members of staff were impressed with the boys’ knowledge and interest and it was a very successful visit.

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