Welcome to Merchiston Castle School. As you explore our website, I hope that you gain a sense of life at Merchiston and learn about how we help our pupils fulfil their potential.

Many schools can boast about their exceptional academic results, university success rates, extensive sporting and co-curricular programmes, welcoming atmospheres and stunning grounds and facilities. Indeed, we can do that as well.

What makes us different, however, is that we are a boys’ school. For 185 years, we have believed that by doing what is best for the boys, our pupils are engaged and encouraged to achieve their personal best in all areas. We simply understand that boys learn differently from girls.

As part of every boy’s journey through the School, we care for him by developing positive values, a commitment to learning and his sense of personal identity. A relentless focus on the individual is something we take great pride in delivering, which allows the boys to hone their skills as they shape an educational experience that is truly their own. Our boys thrive because they are known, understood, valued, and supported, regardless of their chosen field of endeavour.

Our success proves that what we do works.

Of course, we never forget the importance of mixing with girls. Our close links with our sister schools ensure that there are plenty of opportunities to interact with girls across the educational, co-curricular and social calendars. Ask any of our boys and they won’t complain about lack of female friends; in fact, they just consider themselves to be at an excellent school that offers them the space, and freedom, to mature without the social distractions, and pressures, inherent in a mixed classroom setting.

Being a boarding school means that whether a pupil joins us as a boarder, or a day boy, learning and fun opportunities are not limited to school hours but continue throughout the day, evening and weekend – on our pitches, in our classrooms, and in our Houses. The calendar is always full at Merchiston. Our small community means that there is ample opportunity for every boy to engage in many aspects of School life which, in a positive way, can encourage each individual to step out of his comfort zone and try something new, or discover a hidden talent!

Whether a boy’s interest is in the STEM subjects, the Arts or on the sports field, at Merchiston, he will be surrounded by like-minded pupils from Edinburgh, Scotland, the UK, and over 20 different countries.

I truly believe that Merchiston is a remarkable place for boys to make lifelong friends, while gaining a world-class education. We ensure that our pupils are excited about their promising futures and are ready to contribute to, and shape, the world of tomorrow.

I welcome you to take a closer look to gain a feel for the unique atmosphere, ethos and spirit we offer. I believe you will like what you find here.

Warmest regards
Jonathan Anderson



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