Merchiston Castle School: boys

The objects for which the Company is established are to advance education including, but not limited to, the provision of a day and/or boarding school(s) or colleges(s) in or near Edinburgh, or at other such places as the Governors may think fit. (Articles of Association, 2010)

The Mission Statement
Our mission is: “to lead young people in the pursuit of personal excellence through a well-rounded education”.
We develop this statement with the following aims:
To give each boy in his way the capacity and confidence to live in an uncertain world, and to make that life as rich as possible; more specifically, to encourage him to work hard and take a pride in achievement, to think honestly and independently, to face up to challenges, to accept responsibility, to show concern for others and the environment and to develop wider skills and interests.
Our main objective is always to motivate pupils to try their hardest and to strive to achieve the highest levels possible in all areas – first, academic, and then cultural, sporting, leadership and simply living together as part of a community. They are encouraged to make the most of their talents, and to look after one another in a safe, caring environment, to ensure that the school years are a happy time for all. The ethos of Merchiston is concerned with people and relationships, and particular importance is attached to the development of personal character, and moral and spiritual values in our pupils. In the pursuit of excellence, we place great emphasis on two critical relationships – between the boys and the staff, both within and outwith the classroom, and between the School and the home of each boy. Thus, we can all give encouragement and confidence to our pupils and prepare them for the challenges and opportunities ahead in an extremely competitive world in which they will be required to demonstrate commitment, flexibility, teamwork, clarity of purpose, and integrity, whatever their chosen field of endeavour.

Our vision for the School

Our vision for the School, i.e. what we believe we are all trying to do together, is simple:

  • to provide the best possible pastoral care in a boarding school which has day pupils within it, supported by high quality child protection and safeguarding policies and procedures;
  • to achieve the highest possible academic standards;
  • then to achieve, within the sport-for-all philosophy, the highest possible sporting standards and to instil a lifelong love of sport;
  • to achieve, within a wide degree of participation, the highest level of cultural standards and a love of art, drama and music for life;
  • to help our pupils to develop their communication skills;
  • to enable our pupils and young men to become leaders and have a sense of adventure and of service, of belonging to the world and a desire to contribute to society;
  • to help our pupils develop an awareness of environmental issues and an understanding of how to live in a sustainable way;
  • to ensure that our pupils understand the difference between right and wrong, between decent and poor behaviour; that they respect each other as being different and unique; and that they understand the importance of Manners Makyth Man – in other words, we wish to help them to develop as good people;
  • to foster in our pupils a sense of the spiritual and encourage them to value relationships.
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