When it comes to independent schools, there is no doubt that the customers (parents and their children) are the ultimate judge of a school’s success.

Merchiston briefed an independent research company, RSAcademics, to survey the parent body and report on how the School was viewed. The results were then compared with RSAcademics database of over 70 independent UK schools, so that Merchiston could be benchmarked against the marketplace – and the School could understand, objectively, how it was delivering for parents.

The results were both pleasing and enlightening. Over 200 parents responded. 90% said they were ‘completely’ or ‘very satisfied’ with the school. 88% said they would definitely recommend the School to other parents. RSAcademics said, “These are truly outstanding results.” They added, “…to put these results into context, both the satisfaction and advocacy scores set new standards for senior boarding schools in the RSAcademics Parent Survey.”

Please see our videos page for what parents and boys have to say about the School.

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