Why boarding?

Merchiston Castle School: boarding

Boarding is not in fashion for many modern parents, but we find increasingly that our parents are converted to the benefits such an education offers. Indeed, many boys who start out as day boys quickly convert to boarding when they see the benefits of spending longer with their peers, and the numerous evening activities on offer.

Boarding has also moved a long way from how it was in the past. These days, the boarding houses are warm, hospitable places; boys use mobile phones and the internet to communicate with their parents; there are numerous opportunities to go home and weekends are packed full of events.

Experience shows that boarding helps the development of young boys. It can help develop a higher level of confidence, a community spirit, independence, greater social skills, a cultural awareness, respect for others and self motivation.

It offers boys a wide variety of interests, a more diverse social life, develops closer relationships with friends, an enhanced curriculum, and helps develop a good working relationship with teachers. As the boys get older, they take on responsibility for managing some aspects of the boarding houses and this has the added benefit of teaching them to be leaders.

Whilst Merchiston is primarily a boarding school, many younger boys join as day boys. As they move up the School, many opt to become full time boarders. We do recommend, wherever possible, that boys board – as we believe the School gets the best out of the boys if they are fully integrated into the boarding system. However, many boys are day pupils throughout their time, and all day-boys are attached to a boarding house when they are at school and also for their prep.

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