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Merchiston International

Merchiston International School building

Merchiston’s international school in Shenzhen, China opened its doors to the first students in September 2018.

Built for 1,200 pupils, the new Merchiston International School caters for boys and girls aged 5-18 years, teaching IGCSEs and A Levels in the senior years and a Sino-Scottish curriculum throughout the junior years. With accommodation for 600, the senior school will be exclusively for boarding pupils.

The venture came on the back of a rising demand for British international schools abroad and over a year of collaboration with China-based parent/investor, Mr Jianjun Lyu. Mr Lyu was so impressed with the way Merchiston, Edinburgh, educated his son that he has signed an exclusive agreement to develop a family of Merchiston schools across China.

These new schools will support a broader educational approach, combining the best of Merchiston’s successes with traditional Chinese subjects. They will provide exciting opportunities for exchange programmes for both pupils and staff. This partnership will have positive financial gains for Merchiston, Edinburgh enabling us to build on our means-tested financial assistance scheme and to expand our outstanding facilities.

My daughter joined MIS at its founding school year in 2018-2019 as a Year 9 student. During this school year, Jenni has made a lot of good friends across different year groups from the Y1-6 Juniors to the Y7-12 Seniors, and in her words, she feels she is living with a big family in her boarding house. As parents, we are glad that she has enjoyed so much staying with the School. 

Academic-wise, Jenni joined MIS with her particular interest in Art because it has always been her planA to develop herself in this discipline. Teachers at MIS know each of their students well, and have thus meticulously guided our children to choose by passion in their IGCSE courses.We wish that with the support and guidance of MIS  she will continue to strive for herself, learn hard and play hard at school.

Mother of Jenni Year 9 

...a brave new world where my 13-year-old son Alan can explore and experience the path of life as a whole individual. As parents, we are proud to partake in the robust growth of MIS.  Ready ay Ready.  Are you ready to be part of the MIS community?

Mother of Alan Year 8