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Our excellent exam results and the destinations of our leavers speak for themselves. How it happens is much more important, for that is at the very heart of our success.

We will get to know your son: his strengths, and areas for development; his interests, and what motivates him; how best to support him through challenges. We will talk to him, encourage and stretch him. We will identify opportunities and discuss options. Together we will make, and refine, plans until we get it right. Our structure really helps: one individual might teach your son a subject, chat with him in the house and coach him on the pitch. That knowledge of your son in the round really helps us to support him academically and to ensure he is equipped to succeed to the very best of his ability, to achieve his personal excellence.

Stage Description
Juniors, Year 4-8 (P4-S1)
  • Ages 7 - 12
Fourth Form, Year 9 (S2)
  • Ages 13-14
  • Pre-GCSE Year
Shell and Fifth Form, Year 10 & 11 (S3 & S4)
  • Ages 14-16
  • GCSE years
Sixth Form, Year 12 & 13 (S5 & S6)
  • Ages 16-18
  • A Level
  • Select Scottish Highers available


Fraser Newham

Academic Leadership Team

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Dale Cartwright

Academic Leadership Team

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A school that offers an education tailored  to each and every individual pupil, as we say to our pupils ‘a school with an education made for YOU.

We are enormously proud of our son and all that he has achieved – and been given the chance to achieve – whilst at Merchiston. His time here has been the making of him and we feel he could not have been better prepared for the next stage of his journey

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