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Your son will mainly study the English Curriculum of GCSEs and A Levels, although Scottish Qualifications are also available in some subjects if that would suit him better. He will follow a curriculum based on the traditional liberal principles of breadth and choice.

Your son will receive plenty of individual attention both inside and outside the classroom; he will be known and taught as an individual thanks to our class sizes. In his GCSE year and in the Sixth Form, he will be able to benefit from the tutorial groups, ‘clinics’ and revision classes arranged in addition to his timetabled lessons.

It is important that your son also acquires ancillary skills, such as a basic understanding of ICT, a practical knowledge of foreign languages, and strong written and oral communication skills. We place a real emphasis on gaining these essential life skills as they will serve him well in the classroom and beyond.

At GCSE, your son will be expected to study English, Mathematics and the Sciences, alongside a language and two or three other subjects. The latter may include one or more of the humanities, such as History, or the creative arts, physical education or computing, depending on his interests.

At A level, he can choose subjects based on his interests; we try to accommodate as many combinations as possible so that he can study what suits him best.