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close-up image of a maths activity involving blocks

Mathematics helps us to solve practical problems, to understand how the world around us works, and to develop our ability to use reason and logic. 

More than this, studying Maths offers pupils the opportunity to experience huge satisfaction after persevering with a concept or problem, and the chance to start to see the inherent beauty in the subject. We aim to develop both understanding and interest in pupils of all ages, instilling good mathematical habits and encouraging pupils to see the vital applications of Maths in other contexts. Academic excellence is always our focus, and we are delighted that the boys continue to perform so well in the rigorous external examinations.

Academic News

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Sport & Activities

There were so many achievements happening this week in sports and activities, that we had to summarise them here. A big congratulations to all the boys below who were celebrated at our recent whole school assembly.

CityZen challenge team

Congratulations to these VI pupils: Geoff S, Emmanuel C, Sam Y, Adam H, Kit N, Rohan R, Cliff Z and Richard Z who all successfully completed the Institute of Civil Engineers CityZen Challenge.

Image of Sixth Form students at Merchiston Castle School setting up outdoor lunch during an expedition to Costa Rica

An incredible account of the Half Term multi-disciplinary expedition to Costa Rica!