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Support for Learning

Boys outside National Portrait Gallery

Last week III Form boys were off to the National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh to practise the Spanish vocabulary they had been learning this year outside of the classroom. 

Roland - Brit Schools National Champion

The Golf Academy were recently competing in the British Schools National Finals at Belton Woods Golf Club, Lincolnshire. Merchiston finished 5th out of 17 teams in the UK. 

Merchiston-Castle-School - Support for Learning

Your son will benefit tremendously from our whole school approach to Support for Learning.

Every teacher is responsible for supporting all learners in their class, whether it be stretching able learners or using the recommended strategies for those who have additional needs, such as dyslexia.

Support for Learning staff will work in partnership with you, your son and teachers, including the Academic Leadership Team and pastoral staff. Communication with subject teachers is vital to allow us to support your son’s work in different areas. They’ll share information from assessments and suggest appropriate teaching strategies through Pupil Profiles. 

Your son will be very much involved in the discussion process, providing information about his strengths, what he finds difficult and what helps him to learn. This forms the basis of his Profile. If we know your son has additional needs he will come to us for assessments as part of the admissions process so that we are all prepared for the start of his journey with us. We will monitor your son’s progress throughout his time with us and meet with you to discuss his reports and our provision.

The Harvey Hub

Support for Learning is deliberately housed in the heart of the school in an area called The Harvey Hub. It’s a warm, welcoming space, chosen for its location, which allows boys and staff to drop in.  It is well used by boys of all ages and abilities. If your son requires small group timetabled lessons they will happen here; some Sixth Formers choose to use the quiet space to work during free time; we also have timetabled catch-up sessions for those who miss lessons due to Tennis or Golf Academy commitments.

As well as focussing on key skills, we aim to build your son’s confidence in the academic side of his life and provide an environment where he can safely share any concerns. This way of working has enabled boys to gain extremely good grades, despite the challenges they may have had to face.

We have strong links with educational psychologists and can suggest referrals to orthoptists and other professionals as required.

Irene Stewart, Head of Support for Learning, would be very happy to meet with you and your son at any stage in the application process. Please let the Admissions team know if you would like them to make an appointment.

We work with the Examinations Officer to ensure that applications for special arrangements in external examinations (scribing, use of laptop, extra time etc.) are made for those pupils who require them.In addition to lessons, in-class support may be provided as needed. Additional support is also provided by these departments outwith timetables lessons.

Irene Stewart Head of Support for Learning

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