Merchiston Value Added

Some parents ask us how we can be sure that the considerable cost of an independent education is actually worth it. This is a difficult question to answer, as many of the benefits of an education at Merchiston are intangible.

We cannot easily quantify or measure the value of the wide range of opportunities and experiences a boy receives at Merchiston. It is often only some years after a boy has left us that the shaping of his character, the broadening of his outlook and the boost to his confidence and self-belief become apparent.

However, we can tangibly demonstrate the ‘value-added’ of our teaching – how our direction to a boy’s learning improves his exam grades  – over and above the results he would normally expect to achieve.

Our approach allow us to:

  • Focus both staff and boys on key challenges.
  • Help parents and boys plan and choose subjects, careers and university courses.
  • Monitor our own staff and departmental performance.
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