The Spawforth Library

Merchiston Spawforth

The Spawforth Library strives to be a vibrant, orderly, and welcoming facility which promotes the School’s academic ethos, supports the work of the academic departments, and seeks to impart a love of reading in all its forms.

The Library provides stock that is regularly updated, is relevant to the School’s academic curricula, and is appropriate for a student readership. The library houses in excess of 18,000 volumes. We also provide several daily newspapers and many periodicals and magazines.

We run a variety of events throughout each school year to promote reading, research, and to engage our students with the joy of reading. This includes author visits, book sales, competitions, library searches and trails, Blind Date with a Book, book and poetry readings, Shakespeare celebrations and a Book Passport scheme. Periodically, we organize continuous readings of particular works to mark special anniversaries and events. These have included a continuous reading of Milton’s Paradise Lost, the Gospels of The King James’ Bible, and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass. We also run several book groups throughout the school; all meeting twice termly to discuss books from a variety of genres and eras, and they have proved very popular.

All pupils in the Junior School and Middle Years visit the Library for an English class every cycle and their reading is closely monitored and encouraged, and realistic targets set. Pupils also visit the Library for research projects with many other subjects.

The Library is open throughout the school day Monday–Saturday and also Sunday afternoons during the public examination period, when it is always available for private study. It is also open for private study in the evenings throughout the year until 21.00hrs Monday–Thursday for Fifth and Sixth Form students.

Julia Williams (Librarian)

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