Merchiston Castle School: boys

The School welcomes applications from all over Scotland, the UK and overseas – both for boarders and day pupils. Boys can apply to enter the School at any age between 7 and 18.

Main entry ages are at ages 7 to 14, and at 16+ for the Sixth Form. A range of scholarships is available, and parents may apply for means-tested financial assistance (see the links on the left for more details).

Entry is by the School’s own entrance exam; Scholarship exams or Common Entrance (for Prep School entrants joining at 13 years old) may also be taken.

Applications are also welcome for the Tennis Academy Scotland and the Golf Academy. Please see the sections of this site for more information. Entrance for these specialist programmes is through a different process; the Admissions Department can provide details upon enquiry.

We suggest that you request a prospectus and arrange a tour prior to proceeding further. If you would like to start your application immediately, see details of the Registration process. The Registration Form is also available with our Prospectus Pack or from the Admissions Department (see contact details on left).

what will happen after making an application?

We will continue to keep in touch with you; you and your family may be invited to join us at School events.

We will then write (in November or December of the year preceding entry) to invite your son to take part in one of our Entrance Assessment Days. At this time, unless you request otherwise, we will write to your son’s current school to request a report on his progress.

For the full  Admissions Policy, please view the  policy here

How Admissions can continue to help?

Once your son has been enrolled, the Admissions Department will be pleased to help by answering any questions you may have. During the months before your son’s admission to the School, you are welcome to attend Open Mornings.

Information for joining pupils

In April or May of the year in which your son joins the School, we will make available an Information Pack, containing details of his House and Housemaster, a uniform list (and where to buy uniform), updated information on fees, term dates, medical information, insurance information, and permissions and consent forms.

Contacting your son’s Housemaster

Before you arrive at school, you may wish to contact your son’s Housemaster. Please contact the Admissions Department who will help you get in touch with him, or find further information on the Junior or Senior Housemasters’ pages.

Arriving at School for the first time

If you live outside the UK, and are travelling to Scotland on your own, please let the Admissions Department know in good time when you expect to arrive in Edinburgh. Details of flight times are helpful. We can help with transport from the airport when you arrive for the first time. If you are travelling on your own, and need help with buying uniform, bedding etc, we can assist with that too.

A comprehensive induction programme (which includes events for parents) takes place at the start of the academic year, planned particularly to ease the integration of international pupils.

After your son has joined us

Once your son has joined the School, his Housemaster is the main person who will be looking after him. The Information Pack will give the Housemaster’s details, as well as information on how to get in touch with your son himself. Although the Admissions Department will no longer be your main point of contact, we are happy to continue passing on messages for a while until you are used to the School and its arrangements.

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