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Entrance Examinations

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Once you have registered your son, the next formal stage is assessment.

Merchiston operates a rolling admissions process meaning that your son can sit entrance assessments throughout the year as long as he is registered with us and a place is available in his chosen year group. Most boys join us at the start of the academic year in September, but your son may be able to start at another time if possible.

The Merchiston Journey

Ages 7-12+

Your son will sit online assessments in Maths, English and non-verbal reasoning. He will also have an informal interview with  a member of the Junior school staff. A report from his current school is also required.

Ages 13+ and 14+

Your son will sit online assessments in Maths, English and non verbal reasoning. He will also have an informal interview with staff and be asked to provide a recent school report. If your son is joining from a Prep School he can sit the Common Entrance Papers.

Age 15+

In the very rare instance that your son is moving schools mid GCSEs, he will be asked to sit written papers in Maths, English and Science. We will also interview him and consider his recent school report.

Age 16+

If your son is taking GCSE, or equivalent exams, we will consider him based on his predicted and actual exam results and an interview with the Headmaster. If he is joining us from a different exam system, he will be asked to sit papers in the subjects he wishes to study at A Level as well as his interview. Whichever route he takes, your son will also need to provide a school report. 

Junior Years
J4 - Pringle
Primary 4 (Scotland) Age 7 + 8 Year 4 (England)
J5 - Pringle
Primary 5 (Scotland) Age 9 Year 5 (England)
First Form - Pringle
Primary 6 (Scotland) Age 10 Year 6 (England)
Second Form - Pringle
Primary 7 (Scotland) Age 11 Year 7 (England)
Third Form - Pringle
S1 (Scotland) Age 12 Year 8 (England)
Middle Years (Senior School)
Fourth Form - Chalmers (Day boys Rogerson)
S2 (Scotland) Age 13 Year 9 (England)
Shell - Chalmers (Day boys Rogerson)
S3 (Scotland) Age 14 Year 10 (England)
Fifth Form - Chalmers (Day boys Rogerson)
S4 (Scotland) Age 15 Year 11 (England)
Sixth Form (Senior School)
Lower Sixth Form - Laidlaw 
S5 (Scotland) Age 16 Year 12 (England)
Upper Sixth Form - Laidlaw 
S6 (Scotland) Age 17 Year 13 (England)