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Boys outside National Portrait Gallery

Last week III Form boys were off to the National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh to practise the Spanish vocabulary they had been learning this year outside of the classroom. 

Roland - Brit Schools National Champion

The Golf Academy were recently competing in the British Schools National Finals at Belton Woods Golf Club, Lincolnshire. Merchiston finished 5th out of 17 teams in the UK. 

I do not think it is possible to improve on this, as all that could be done has been done by the School, and more. We have been so impressed by the real care and warmth we have met in all members of the staff at Merchiston. Thank you very much.


I am delighted with the way my son is cared for and I can think of no way that the School could improve on what they already provide. There is no comparison between Merchiston and the other school in which I have a child. Merchiston is streets ahead on the care front.


boy student raising hand in class

You will have questions, lots of them. It’s inevitable; choosing a school is a serious undertaking.

We completely understand the enormity of the task and are here to answer all your questions, even the ones that you think might be too trivial to ask. Here are some of the questions regularly asked. Please do call us with the ones specific to you and your son.