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12 Habits for Happiness this Christmas

Merchiston students and staff have been exploring the 12 Habits for Happiness this term. We would like to share with you what we have discovered. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

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We understand that school fees involve real sacrifice for many families. That is why we strive constantly to offer excellent value for money.

A Personalised Prospectus for You

School fees include all tuition, meals and snacks, travel for School matches and careers counselling. If you are a boarder they also include 24-hour supervision and care and all laundry, excluding dry-cleaning. 

Fees Summary 2021-2022

  Age(s) of Pupil Boarding Fee per Term Day Fee per Term
IV Form and above 13 – 18 £11,960 £8,680
II and III Form 11 – 12 £8,560 £5,770
J4 to I Form 7 – 10 £7,360 £5,110

View the Merchiston School Structure.

There is a premium for direct entry into the VI Form, equivalent to 5% of the Senior School Boarding fee for each of the two VI Form years.

Sports Academies In addition to School Fees
Tennis Academy Elite Squad £1,425 per annum
Tennis Academy Development Squad £675 per annum
Golf Academy Elite Squad £2,490 per annum
Golf Academy Development Squad £1,350 per annum
Occasional Boarding £52.50 per night
English as an Additional Language £195 per term

Extra Items

Once your son has started, his school fee account may also include charges for ‘Extra Items’. Most charges for ‘Extra Items’ are added to fee notes in the term following the activity for which the charge is raised.

Fee concessions

You may qualify for a fee concession:

  • if you have more than one son attending Merchiston at the same time (5% for your second child, 20% for your third child and 40% for your fourth child).
  • if you have a daughter at our ‘sister’ school: St George’s School for Girls, Edinburgh you will receive a 20% discount for the third child (across Merchiston and St George's only). Discount only applies whilst all siblings are at the schools.
  • if you have a daughter at our ‘sister’ school: Kilgraston School, Perthshire you will receive a 5% discount for your second child (across Merchiston and Kilgraston only). Discount only applies whilst all siblings are at the schools.
  • if you are/your son's father is a Merchistonian (10%). The remission is only offered against the first year’s fees and would apply to new pupils joining from January 2020. 
  • Boarding children of serving Service Personnel (10%)

Please note that only one concession is available per pupil and does not extend to Additional or Extra Charges. 

Financial Assistance

Merchiston offers financial assistance by means of a Bursary Fund designed to enable your son to have access to a Merchiston education, irrespective of his financial circumstances. More information about support with fees can be found here.

Option 1 Option 2

Cheque / Bank Transfer

Termly, due on or before the 1st day of new term

Direct Debit

Spread over 12 months, taken on the 28th of each month

Term Fees Issued
Autumn Term July
Spring Term December
Summer Term March

The first term’s fees will be payable by the first day of term, and an invoice is sent out in June or July. Unless agreed otherwise by the School, fees are payable termly and must be paid by the first day of term. There are 3 terms in each year. Other arrangements for fee payment may be available on application to the Bursar (Finance), Mrs Pippa Axon. 

If, after your son joins the School, fees are outstanding, the School reserves the right to refuse to allow him to continue attending the School (or may withhold references) whilst fees remain unpaid. The School reserves the right to charge interest on sums which are outstanding.

It is a requirement of entry to Merchiston that your financial obligations to other schools must be fulfilled before your son can join Merchiston.

Culture – Merchiston breeds well mannered, considerate yet determined young gentlemen that stand out in terms of attitude and behavior from other equally priced and storied schools. There is a great story from a shop in town, near another private school, when a Merchiston boy in casual clothes held open the door for an old lady and she said “Thank you - I guess you are from Merchiston then”.

Current Parent Sixth Form

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