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What Our Parents Say

We couldn’t be happier with the start our son has had. The School has exceeded our expectations in every way.

I think that, as an initial impression, it has been very good and my son has settled in very well. Any problems I have had have been swiftly sorted out. I had cause to go into another boy’s boarding house at another school and was struck by the fact that my son’s room was so tidy in comparison. I love that they are not all becoming too male in an all male environment.

Absolutely top notch. Had my boys at another competing school in Edinburgh for a bit and found the culture gravely lacking, and teachers unwilling to really care about it beyond a bit of lip service. In contrast, Merchi walks the talk through and through. Very ‘real,’ happy, enriched boys who support each other and are supported by teachers and staff with emotional intelligence and true caring for the experience and excitement for learning. Fabulous education. Where at prior school the kids cut each other down, here one of my sons had a peer warmly talk him through some homesickness as he tried to fall asleep, etc. Such a warm, welcoming place and parents are always about and welcome. Whereas the prior school was a scratchy starched shirt, Merchi is a warm, cozy cashmere jumper. You really can’t find better. Be sure to do a taster day as again, some schools sell well but your child can only thrive and be happy and excited to go to school if the experience is amazing every single day, with every single teacher. And as a lesson learned on my part – trust your child after the taster day. You don’t want to have to switch schools after 3 months because Mom and Dad were impressed by a lower-culture school just because “TB went there…” Merchi offers the real thing through and through..

They are doing a great job. They are approachable and available and treat me with respect. When I have brought things to their attention, I am listened to and they act after discussion – I recognize and trust the expertise of the School.

I do not think it is possible to improve on this as all that could be done has been done by the School, and more. We have been so impressed by the real care and warmth we have met in all members of the staff at Merchiston. Thank you very much.

We are very appreciative of the management and leadership of Merchiston. It is an institution affording one of the greatest possible starts in life of our boys, and we will always be supportive of the School, its life and needs.

I’m extremely happy with all that I have asked for, they have always gone out of their way to accommodate. It would be impossible to do more.

Brilliant, keep going!

I am delighted with the way my son is cared for and I can think of no way that the School could improve on what they already provide. There is no comparison between Merchiston and the other school in which I have a child. Merchiston is streets ahead on the care front.