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Financial Assistance

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If your financial circumstances prevent your son from joining Merchiston, you may qualify for financial assistance called a Bursary (means-tested remission on day or boarding fees). 

Equally, if your circumstances change after your son has joined, you may apply for a bursary rather than disrupt his education at a critical time.

Bursaries are awarded from a Bursary fund, a finite ‘pot’ distributed as fairly as possible on a means-tested basis. Because bursaries may provide as much as 100% fee remission, the number and size varies from year to year depending on the circumstances of those applying.

The ultimate obligation to finance school fees lies with you, as parents, so we will only consider financial support in the form of a means-tested Bursary after all other avenues for financing school fees have been exhausted.

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132 Pupils receive means-test access


Pupils received Bursaries or Scholarships from External Trusts/Charities


means-tested financial assistance awarded