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Financial Assistance

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If your financial circumstances prevent your son from joining Merchiston, you may qualify for financial assistance called a Bursary (means-tested remission on day or boarding fees). 

Bursaries are awarded from a finite Bursary fund, a limited 'pot' of available financial assistance. We receive a far greater number of Bursary applications than funds available so these are therefore awarded as fairly as possible on a means-tested basis. 

Because bursaries may provide as much as 100% fee remission, the number and size of bursaries available varies from year to year depending on the circumstances of those applying.

The benefits of our son receiving financial assistance from Merchiston has meant he has developed academically and advanced in sports in a way that other schools couldn’t offer; smaller class sizes, prep and study support, fantastic facilities and an environment where the boys are encouraged to try new things. We felt no other day independent schools offered the wide range of available sports and educational support and he has developed well both on the sports field and academically.
He has grown into a great young man who takes pride in being part of the School and enjoys the camaraderie.

Current Parent of V Form Pupil

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147 Pupils receive means-test access


Pupils received Bursaries or Scholarships from External Trusts/Charities


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