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Ben Kenderdine (09-15) Law Student

Merchiston helped me progress through each stage of life, I think it is best to establish where I am right now. I am currently in Hong Kong studying Law and Mandarin in my third year of university as an exchange student at Chinese University of Hong Kong, before returning back to University of Glasgow for my last year.

Before Merchiston, I attended The Compass School which built the foundations to an interest in international commerce or law even, and languages through the numerous trips and opportunities I had there, whether that be travelling to London or further afield such as Paris to be able to use our French language skills in a more apt situation. Despite no longer practicing French, my curiosity in languages, namely mandarin, derived from being exposed to this type of teaching and encouragement to explore other cultures.

Moving to Merchiston only further extended these interests. Having the opportunity to travel to China and live with a host family, then later participating in a rugby tour to South Africa, I was able to have experiences that really forced me to adapt and strive in the situations I was in. Along with the teaching back in the classrooms, the various circumstances I found myself in at Merchiston led me to have a wider perspective when it came to progressing in life. Had I not had these earlier opportunities to grow and experience the ‘real world’, it is doubtful I would have had the confidence to come to Hong Kong for a year and study law, when I have the comfort of staying in Glasgow.

Merchiston pushed me out of my comfort zone when moving forward with each step.