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Greg McCulloch (82-87) TD Precision Steelworks Ltd 

My education was first class; to be honest, I should have embraced the efforts of the teachers and the curriculum more so. It is, without a doubt, a distinct advantage to be afforded an education such as the one Merchiston provides.

I had the best years of my life at Merchiston; the friendships and life long relationship forged have allowed me to grow as a person and be respectful and understanding. It grooms you for success.
The brotherhood at Merchiston gives you the support, strength to try anything, knowingly you have the backing of your peers, and you are aligned in the same thought process.
I took a year out and then moved to London and took a position with Crowley & Warren, a prominent stockbroker firm next to the Lloyds building. It was due to my years at Merchiston that prepared me for the position and to have the confidence to take on a very challenging role in such a fast-paced environment.
I then moved to Canada (Toronto) and went to Sheridan College where I obtained a degree in Business Law and Accounting, from there me and my brother started up a roofing company in the Toronto area, I moved on from the family business to pursue my own success and have been in the Steel industry for the past 28 years.
It has afforded me opportunities in America and now the West Coast of Canada (British Columbia). I have been in BC for the past six years with my wife Penny and my two daughters Emma and Rachel (11 & 13 years old). They have both been learning French since they were five years old at a private school and are now both bilingual, Rachel is a black belt 2nd degree in mixed martial arts, and Emma is a competitive swimmer for BC.
Basically, my education and time at Merchiston groomed me to be a positive influence in my daughters' life and pass onto them the work ethic required to succeed in an extremely competitive world.
I am also a property developer, buying properties and renting them out, I have three homes in BC all worth over $1 million each and two houses in the South East of England, both of which are heritage buildings.
Finally, I would highly recommend going to Merchiston as it definitely sets one up for success and provides the support, education and attitude that is well received and missing in the new generation of professionals leaving most schools.
Merchiston is a bastion for success, and if I had sons, it would be my only choice of school for them.