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Shane Corstorphine Meng CA (89-97) SVP, Skyscanner

From an academic point of view, Merchiston set me up for Engineering at Durham, followed by qualifying as a CA in London with PWC. My Maths teachers throughout were first rate and gave me the building blocks needed throughout my career.

Aside from academia, Merchiston also developed my career skills with regards to presenting and debating. This came to the fore with fundraising for my first start-up and a great deal of presenting since.

One of the things I am grateful to Merchiston for is the courage it gave me to “give things a go”. I have a confidence to get stuck into things without a fear of failure, something that was nurtured at Merchiston throughout.

Lastly and most significantly, I made some fantastic friends at Merchiston who are still friends today. The international nature of Merchiston means I have friends in all continents and will try to drop by and see them whenever I travel.

I’m hugely appreciative for my time at Merchiston and remain very grateful to all those teachers who helped shape me during those critical years. My greatest achievement at Merchiston is tough to pin down. An easy answer would be “becoming headboy” but I grew up in so many ways and have so many happy memories from school that I really can’t pick one. Being kidnapped for my 18th birthday was certainly an amazing memory. But, so was every step in our “soo nearly” unbeaten rugby season. I also met my wife whilst at Merchiston … where do I start!