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Zach Mercer

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Zach Mercer Professional Rugby Player

I joined Merchiston’s Sixth Form in 2013 from Williamwood, Glasgow.  I was initially attracted to Merchiston because of the School’s superb rugby reputation and it was closer to home compared to the top English rugby schools.

Being at Merchiston helped me to be who I am today, I learned great leadership and communication skills at School, and learned to respect others more. One of my biggest achievements to date is being nominated the Young Player of the Year in the English Premiership, something I know that I would not have been able to achieve without having the ethos of Merchiston behind me.  

I would recommend a Merchiston education, both from a sporting and academic point of view to anyone - they won’t regret it! You are surrounded by your mates 24/7, and so quickly settle in as Merchiston becomes your home. With no girls to impress, I certainly worked harder and did the best I could in the classroom. 

Joining Merchiston was the best decision I ever made: I gained lifelong friends and the School not only helped me become a professional rugby player, but also helped with my academics as the teachers really understand and inspire each individual pupil. My only regret is that I did not join sooner!