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    Day 62 - Acts 1
    Rev Blair

    Acts 1
    12. Then the apostles returned to Jerusalem from the hill called the Mount of Olives, a Sabbath day’s walk from the city.
    13. When they arrived, they went upstairs to the room where they were staying. Those present were Peter, John, James and Andrew; Philip and Thomas, Bartholomew and Matthew; James son of Alphaeus and Simon the Zealot, and Judas son of James.
    14. They all joined together constantly in prayer, along with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with his brothers.

    I wonder who would be in your first XI ... not football ... not even cricket. The first XI world changers? ... just for the purposes of this we are going exclude founders of religions. 

    Maybe a debate starter ... but how about this?

    5/1/5 ... an experimental formation! Plus one substitute.
    1. Billy Graham in goal (for all those he saved!?!) 
    2. Malala Yousafzai
    3. Nelson Mandela
    4. Martin Luther King
    5. Ghandi ... (a strong 4 in defence, of Human rights and equality)
    6. Winston Churchill ... could probably control midfield by himself! 
    7. The person who phoned yesterday ... and reminded me of the value of Encouragement and said a prayer with me at the right moment (you know who you are)
    8. Mrs H, a widowed mother of 5 children under 12, and my Church youth group leader 40 years ago who taught me the value of trusting God in the most difficult of situations
    9. Rev R who continually visited my Mum and Dad when they were ill and taught me the value of tireless Godly Service
    10. “The Count” ... to my shame I cannot even remember his proper name, my English teacher who taught me a love of literature and reading
    11.    My wife and children who have taught me the vital lesson that life is not all about me
    12. Substitute? ... You? Me?

    My point, perhaps laboured, is that heroes and life changers come in various shapes and sizes. There is THE World and there is YOUR world. Nevertheless, with the right people, both Worlds are changed. 

    Mrs H will never again be mentioned in the same list as Winston Churchill (although they did look a little alike!)

    I could have picked a whole “British Lions squad” twice over (at least) of those who have changed my world for the better.

    For each of us the squad will be different. 

    Jesus chose a very eclectic mix of disciples ... not in anybody’s book, the dream team. Certainly not the ones to change the world! Fishermen, a tax collector, a Religious radical (Zealot), a doubter, a failure ... a rag tag bunch

    Very few household names! ... even today! 

    But then, in God’s power and by His Spirit, the rag tag bunch change History and one by one help to change lives. 

    I believe more than ever that you and I can, with God’s strength, change lives for the better ... perhaps the greatest power we have ... to build up, to encourage, to invigorate, to lead closer to God. To Pray! 

    Happy and humbled just to be in the squad and to be part of the Rag Tag Bunch! 

    Dear God,
    thank you that I am included on your “team sheet”. Thank you that there is still room in the squad for more.