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    Day 67 - Acts 2
    Rev Blair

    Let me describe the effects of that first Pentecost (this coming Sunday) ... that revelation of God’s presence and power. And then in true film flashback fashion ... we will go back to the event itself; Pentecost Sunday.

    Acts 2
    14. “Then Peter stood up ... raised his voice and addressed the crowd” 

    An extraordinary statement!

    50 days previously Peter had denied 3 times he ever knew Jesus to a small group ... now he is about to preach about Jesus to a crowd of thousands.

    Transformation is possible! 

    What were you and I like 50 days ago?

    Can you even remember that?

    Some things will be the same but I wonder if inwardly some things have changed?

    New priorities, renewed relationships, deepened faith?

    If so, you sense something of Peter’s experience.

    Peter has, new confidence ... new commitment ... new perspective ... new power! 

    He stood up!
     ... extraordinary!

    Sometimes the simplest of actions display the deepest of transformations. 

    Dear God,
    help me in the simplest of ways to “stand”. Give me by your presence, new confidence and new power.