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    Michael Yan Hip

    ‘The cutting edge’

    Well, in the blink of an eye term has come and gone. We’ve hardly been able to take a breath, with summer camps in from Monday 1 July, representative cricket on 2 July and so much more.

    The second week in July was a particularly wet one here in Colinton. Again, we had over 35mm of rain rendering the place extremely wet and causing our weekly plan to be hindered and very fragmented.

    As we head towards the end of the third week of the holiday’s, our sights are firmly set on getting the place ready for our very own rugby camp hosted by Mr Deans, Mr Blair and Mr Noble – and I’m sure an array of other helpers. The first set of rugby posts are up for season 19/20 and it’s only 16 July – a sad sight indeed for the non ‘egg chasers’. All the cricket covers are stripped down and looking very skeletal!

    Once the posts went up it was time to mark. These next two photos show the precise nature of how this is done and well done to our own summer lad and Merchistonian, Michael aka ‘Bruce’ for showing us his skills – very photogenic indeed.

    It is an interesting time of year for us here on the grounds, as we are lucky enough to hear the bands and other entertainers practice for the Tattoo in the parade ground of the Barracks over the road. However, by the end we tend to know every note backwards and forwards.

    Hope you are all having a fantastic summer and enjoying a good break, we will be back with further ‘Fables from the Stables’ at the start of term in early Autumn.