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    Cutting Edge: Fables from the Stables 24-01-20
    Michael Yan Hip


    ‘The Cutting Edge’

    Happy New Year to one and all, I hope this little 'ditty' finds you well. The main photo was taken on Sunday 19th January showing an incredible sunset and the beginning of the third week of term. Taken at 16.30, it shows how quickly the nights are starting to stretch out already, only on a clear day, though!

    January itself has seen excellent weather so far, the temperatures have been extremely ambient for this time of year, with temperatures often in double figures. However, this does tend to bring stormy and wet conditions which brought a couple of heavy storms in the early part of the term. In the last week, we haven't had a single drop of rain, allowing us to crack on with almost summer-like work with lots of grass cutting as we strive to sharpen the place up after mid-winter malaise. The sports pitches, including the cricket square's, were all fertilised with our unique concoction before the holidays, and are looking very healthy. I thank Mr Chalmers for his keen eye for detail, and the following pictures, aided and abetted with a glorious sunny day, certainly show this.

    Resplendent don't you think?!

    The first weekend of fixtures was at the Oriam, Heriot-Watt University, which has now become a tradition. Our first weekend of Rugby was the week ending 18th January, and we had glorious weather. This picture shows the pitches at their best, considering it's mid-January.

    A strange thing happened on that weekend; when putting the rugby poles out, I came across this bizarre-looking piece of graffiti...

    ... after much investigation, we discovered that it was part of Rev Blair’s treasure hunt. I hope the boys enjoyed their hunt and that they found the pitch this clue was on.

    Well, that’s almost a wrap. As we head for weekend leave, simmering away in the background is the new tennis dome, where there is much work going on. I’m sure it will shortly ‘rise like a phoenix from the ashes’ 😉. 

    Have a great weekend leave, and we look forward to much more rugby still to come this term with the 7’s being the ‘jewel in the crown’, and of course, the Six Nations are just around the corner.

    All the best