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    Amy McGregor

    Today's blog has been taken over by Harry and Bruce to give you a glimpse into 24 hours in Chalmers West.

    07.10 – The day starts with ‘bing bong bing bong’ followed by clubland classics over the tannoy as Mr Ogilvy-Jones wakes us all up. His choice of music makes us cringe sometimes. He then walks through the dorms and makes sure everyone is awake. We get up, dress in our school uniform and head off to breakfast. There is a variety of bacon, sausages and eggs on offer as well as cereal, yoghurt and fruit.

    08.05 – We have house meeting where we get told off for what ever we did wrong the day before! The prefects do roll call and Mr O-J delivers any messages for the day. Sometimes we get visits from senior staff checking our uniform - then we all suddenly go very quiet!!

    08.50 - Morning lessons till 10.50. Today we had double Maths with Dr Vian followed by French with Mrs Nicol. In Maths we worked on sequences, it went a little over my head but Dr Vian helped me work through it. I think I need a bit more practice!

    10.50-11.15 – Break and off to the dining hall with the prefects for really tasty cakes. Harry thinks he may have had 5 slices…

    11.15-12.35 – Lessons 4-6. We had English and Art. Bruce had to learn Henry Vth Act 1; Scene 3 and recite it to the class. Everyone had to learn different poems and although it can be nerve-racking it is good to practice our public speaking. We get lots of opportunities to practice public speaking at Merchiston and it does get easier.

    12.35 – Back to the dining hall for lunch. There are always several options including vegetarian, gluten free and halal. There’s a salad and deli sections too. Today we had pulled pork bao buns with noodles and spring rolls. It’s really tasty, and as growing boys we are always hungry! For dessert we had jelly but there were hot options too.

    13.00 - Harry had a trumpet lesson with Mr Dennis, he is practicing the ‘Trumpet’ tune for the McLeod cup where he will play solo. He’s feeling quite confident but will keep practicing.

    13.15-13.40 – Three times a week we have reading time. As a year group we are split in to three groups and use these times to relax and catch up with our books. Bruce is reading ‘Devine Madness’ by Robert Muchamore which is number 5 in a 17 book series, only a few more to go!

    14.00 - After reading it’s a quick change in the House and Mrs McGregor chases us all out to rugby. We train in our teams with our coaches. Today we worked on our captains run which is working on different moves and different calls. Today was a lot sunnier than last weeks wash out.

    Once back in house and changed, Mrs McGregor has snacks and drinks ready in the day room before we head back out to classes.

    16.00 – 17.20 - Bruce had Support for Learning with Mrs Weaving. We either catch up on homework or ask Mrs Weaving to help us with work. Harry had Spanish with Mrs Nicol.

    17.35 – Dinner time. Tonight was schnitzel, one of our favourites! The dining hall has recently been refurbished and now the queues are shorter which helps with our hungry tummies. We know we are very lucky to have an amazing variety of food but we do miss having pizza and hotdogs occasionally.

    18.20 – House meeting with Mr Noble, our assistant Housemaster. Wednesday evening we do not have prep but quiet time instead. We tidy our areas and prepare for the rest of the week. Some boys left to have a social with St George’s (our sister school) at Cosmos in town. The food was delicious and the boys enjoyed catching up with their friends.

    18.30 – Harry had hockey training with Miss McNaught. We did some drills to warm up and then some small sided matches. We did some cross-bar challenges at the end. We were all tired after a long day, so back to house for a hot shower.

    20.00 - Wednesday is screen-free day in Chalmers West so no iPads or iPhones during free time. As it was dry, we headed down to the astro and played football. It was so much fun! Mr Noble got stuck in to the game and had a laugh with us. Afterwards, it was back to house and a few games of table tennis; the favourite pastimes in Chalmers West!

    21.00 – Evening routine starts with everyone handing in their phones and ipads to charge overnight. We wish we could keep our phones but we probably wouldn’t get much sleep playing with them! House meeting is at 9.20, if we are late for roll call, we are not very popular with the prefects. Evening duties are divided between the clans, and the day room needs hoovered and the kitchen needs tidied. We are meant to shower before house meeting but as we had been to the astro Mr Noble allowed us to have late showers. We are all in bed with side lights on for 21.45 to do some reading, some boys write their diaries, and then it is lights out at 22.00…until the 07.10 ‘bing bong bing bong’ starts again!

    Harry and Bruce