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On Friday 26 November we enjoyed a Choral and Instrumental Concert in the Memorial Hall, which was live streamed online. It was wonderful to be able to hold this event and to be able to share it with audiences both in the UK and internationally.

The Concert Programme

Chapel Choir: 'The Storm is Passing Over', 'Fill Your Hearts with Joy and Gladness'

Chapel Choir

Ryan W (Piano): 'Sonatine', Ravel

Student playing the piano

Wind Band: 'The Great Escape', Elmer Bernstein

Wind Band

Two musicians in the Wind Band

Alexander R: 'Le Bleury', Anomolie

Pianist in the Memorial Hall

Close Harmony Group: 'These Fine Mornings', Traditional. 'The Battle of Jericho', Spiritual. 'Help Me Rhonda', Brian Wilson

Close Harmony Group

Dougal M (Drum Kit): 'Starsky and Hutch', Mike Osborn

Musician on the drum kit

String Group: 'Aired Ranters', Fred Morrison. 'Lucy Farrs', Trad Irish. 'In the Hall of the Mountain King', Grieg

String Group on the stage in the Memorial Hall

Adrian W (Flute): 'La Parisienne', Jeremy Norris

Musician playing the flute

Jazz Band: 'Fly Me to the Moon'. Bart Howard. 'So What', Miles Davis

Jazz band

Musicians in the jazz band

Musicians in the jazz band

Erik S (Piano): 'Fantasy in D Minor', W.A. Mozart

Pianist in the Memorial Hall

Pipe Band: 'The Banks of Locheil', 'Barbara's Jig', 'The Braes of Locheil', 'Aspen Bank', 'Duncan Johnstone', 'Scotland The Brave', 'The Rowantree', Trad.

Pipe Band in the Memorial Hall

Pipe Band

Pipe Band

Pipe Band


Kirsty Nicholls