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    Jamie Gillan (10-13) is the latest Merchistonian to be recognised for his sporting success. The 22-year-old is currently an undrafted free agent for Cleveland Browns and represents the team as a punter. A punter receives the snapped ball and then punts (kicks) the football to the opposing team to pin the other side as far down the field as possible. 

    Gillan returned to Merchiston today for a live Q&A session with the boys to share his whirlwind NFL experience and reminisce on his time at Merchiston. Jamie then braved the bitter Edinburgh wind and took to the pitches alongside fellow Merchistonian and current Scrum-Half for Glasgow Warriors, Jamie Dobie. 

    jamie gillan in memorial hall

    Jamie Dobie said, “I was delighted to come back to school and meet Jamie and hear about his inspiring journey to where he is now with Cleveland Browns”. 

    Rory McCann, Director of Sport said,
    ‘It was great to have Jamie back at School today. It looked like he thoroughly enjoyed catching up with teachers, coaches and house staff. It was wonderful to hear of his continued success in the US and his journey after Merchiston. The boys were hanging on every word, and we had some very excited boys and staff in the Memorial Hall’. 

    ‘His success in the NFL thus far is fantastic. From a young boy starting his rugby career at Highland RFC, then joining Merchiston when he was 13, who would have thought he would be running out in front of 70,000 spectators every week punting for the Cleveland Browns. His passion for kicking a rugby ball from a young age enabled him to master his skill to make the transition into American Football and to watch him kick live, was incredibly special. The combined distance and height he punts at was something I hadn’t seen before.‘ 

    jamie gillan and boys

    ‘We wish Jamie all the best with his future career, and we hope he enjoyed a trip down memory lane.’ 


    Tori Currie