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The rousing sound of bagpipes from our neighbours at the Army School of Piping and Drumming - just a short walk from our School - quite often accompanies our day-to-day life here at Merchiston. No doubt they also hear a great deal of our own music-making. It was only fitting, therefore, that our pipers made a visit across the road to the Redford Barracks this week.

The Army School of Bagpipe Music and Highland Drumming dates back to the year 1902. It is now located at Inchdrewer House on Colinton Road, within the perimeter Redford Barracks and just across the road from Merchiston Castle School.

Thirty-two students from Merchiston were made very welcome by the Army School of Piping and Drumming, from each academic year from First Form right up to our Upper Sixth. To find out more about the wonderful opportunities Merchiston offers to young musicians, including our Junior and Senior Pipe Bands, please click here.

Kirsty Nicholls