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    On a cold November’s day, some UVI and LVI pupils were whisked away in a taxi to attend the opera Tosca, a wonderful enrichment trip which is part of the Merchiston Arts Programme. There was some initial trepidation as the boys learnt that the opera was sung in Italian, and a native German speaker and GCSE French grade 8 weren’t going to be of much use. Relief set in when they realised there would be subtitles to help!

    For many of the boys, this was their first time attending an opera which they thoroughly enjoyed. One of the boys had seen Tosca before and he felt that the director’s decision to set it in 20th century Rome rather than 19th century Rome gave a new twist to the performance and the costumes. What an excellent performance with an outstanding cast and flawless production from start to finish. The two hours and forty-five minutes flew by!

    Our location really does open up a wealth of cultural opportunities being on the edge of such a remarkable city as Edinburgh!


    Liz Duncan