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    On the 28 November, our V Form (Year 11, S4) Classical Civilisation pupils enjoyed a whirlwind two-day trip to London to visit The British Museum. One of the joys of the GCSE course is the majority of the prescribed sources which are housed here, and this trip provided the opportunity for the boys to study the sources in person. As well as being a fun school trip, it also has a significant impact on their learning and revision in preparation for their GCSE this summer. 

    Pupil Reflections

    “The V Form Classical Civilisation trip to the British Museum is definitely one of the highlights of the course. We left Merchiston early in the morning to take the train down to London and had lunch in Russell Square before heading off to The British Museum. We looked at many interesting artefacts, my favourite being the metopes from the Parthenon. Towards the end of the first day, we went into the exhibition “Troy: myth and religion”. After the first day in the Museum, we managed to have some downtime at the hotel before heading out for dinner at Pizza Express. On the second day, we spent the morning going around more interesting rooms of the Museum and had time at the end to explore the gift shop. This trip was overall one of the best trips I have experienced that Merchiston has to offer, and it was very beneficial for our preparation ahead of our GCSE.” Jack, V Form.

    “The trip was planned very well. In the Museum Mr Hillier gave us a worksheet which was very helpful because we didn’t have to look at the unnecessary displays, but could go from one sculpture we knew to the next one. Seeing the sculptures gave me a completely different view of the buildings and how huge they were. I was especially fascinated by the example of how big one metope on the Parthenon was because I always thought of them as being smaller. Overall, I really enjoyed the trip from beginning to end.” Fritz, V Form.

    Rachel Fawthrop