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    On the 20 November, the LVI Classical Civilisation class were lucky enough to travel down to Newcastle University for a tour and to learn about various topics in a few organised lectures.

    “This was a valuable experience as it allowed us to see what lectures and a classics department at a university are truly like” says Tristan and Angus. “This allows us to have a more informed decision in our UCAS applications and our choices for a subject at university. The first lecture we attended was in line with the course we are taking. It concentrated on Cicero and his attributes in relation to the late Republic which aligns with our Politics course.”

    Followed on by a second lecture on the “Aeneid” which many of the group studied last year, it offered the boys a unique angle on this great epic. After an energising lunch, they headed to an intriguing lecture on the “Philip and the Macedonian Empire”, a brand new topic for the boys!

    Next, the group were split in two, one group participated in an insightful talk on Greek Theatre with a fresh angle on the “Oedipus the King” whilst the other half attended a talk on the “Expansion of the Roman Republic in the Eastern Mediterranean”.

    After a long day of taking in all of these interesting lectures and talks, the boys made their way back by train. "Thank you, Mrs Fawthrop for organising this unique and insightful trip for the Classical Civilisation class."

    Rachel Fawthrop