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The Industrial Cadets Bronze Project run by EDT (The Engineering Development Trust), is an exciting STEM challenge for teams of around six pupils working over 12 weeks on a project based around the digital world, circular economy and renewable energy, or the environment. They are tasked with finding a solution to the issue at hand and presenting this through a written report, model(s) and a virtual presentation. As well as graduating from the scheme as Bronze-level Industrial Cadets, national accreditation for STEM work, students gain valuable employability skills such as communication, problem solving and project management.

Three pupils work on a design prototype for the EDT Bronze Award

Each team is supported throughout the project by industry mentor(s), STEM professionals from their partnering company who provide valuable subject-specific knowledge and insight into their organisation and career journeys. This year we were paired with Maxim Integrated, who proved to be a valuable resource to our team throughout the project.

A massive congratulations to six of our Shell pupils - Kit N, Rohan R, Bruce L, Jake M, Richard Z and Callum A – who have worked tirelessly on this project over the last few months, while in school as well as virtually at home. The Graduation Day will take place on 11th June 2021. This will be the culmination of the hard work completed by all participating teams in this hub across the country, and a celebration of their achievements. Each pupil will receive an individual Industrial Cadets certificate, and overall winners of the awards on offer will be announced.

A diagram showing the features of the InSoul fitness tracker

In answer to the digital world brief, the EDT Team have come up with InSOUL; a fitness tracker that is embedded into an essential item of clothing, your insole. InSOUL is an alternative to wearable fitness trackers for those who do not want to carry anything with them, InSOUL allows you to record your fitness data with more precise measurements as it is closer to the ground. The pupils produced an array of models and prototypes for their proposal, including a fully functioning electronics model.

We have our fingers well and truly crossed for the boys, but regardless of the result, we are incredibly proud of all the hard work they have put into this project and we hope they can come away from this project with a variety of new skills and attributes as well as having confidence in the way they worked together as a team. Well done boys!

Florence Donaldson, Teacher of Design and Technology