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The Lent Term is routinely a busy and dynamic space for the Design Technology and Engineering department. All GCSE and A Level candidates strive during lesson time, activity time (and beyond!) to complete their Non-Examined Assessments (NEAs) as per their own, unique specifications ... and this year has been no exception. 

Submissions for GCSE were based on a choice of three contexts set by the exam board - Travel Disruption, Sustainable Living and Countryside.  Boys have produced numerous, creative outcomes including indoor and outdoor furniture, storage and organisers and toys. 

At A Level,  the context is the students' own choice, candidates aiming for the Product Design and Design Engineering awards have produced a diverse range of products. Products produced include a cold-smoker, gym equipment, a solar-powered cooker, a '4x4' winch, a waterproof speaker system and a wakeskate with in-built GPS. The boys can be incredibly proud of all they have achieved.

Clare Nugent