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Well done to Calum R. who has been announced as a winner in the “Design Your Own Flag” competition run by Flagmakers. His design will be printed on a flag!

International company, Flagmakers - who make flags for well known brands including Tiffany and Cartier - invited students to get involved in their “Design Your Own Flag” competition. The event encouraged participants to join in the historical celebrations of the Platinum Jubilee and learn about the rich history behind national flags.

2022 is set to be a momentous year for the UK and the Royal Family. Already the longest-serving female head of state in history, Queen Elizabeth II will observe her Platinum Jubilee and commemorate 70 years on the throne. This competition, run by the DT A Level pupils, challenged our J4/5, I, II and III Form boys to put on their thinking hats on and think outside of the box. They were encouraged to be bold with their designs.

A selection of winning designs will be made into a flag by Flagmakers, printed as a 1-yard flag and finished for students to keep forever, so that they can remember what an important part of the United Kingdom’s history this is and that we all got to experience it.

Winners will be announced later this month. Good luck to all those who entered!



Florence Donaldson, Teacher of Design and Technology