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On 28 April all IGCSE Geography pupils were taken in minibuses to the Pentlands where the source of the Lyne Water is located. This was in order to undertake fieldwork for our IGCSE coursework which involves measuring many river variables at 10 points along this river from its source (in the Pentlands just NE of West Linton) to its mouth (where it enters the River Tweed just west of Peebles).

At each site we measured such things as width, depth, velocity, bed load roundness, and bedload size, and several times at each site to make those results more accurate. Staff present with us were Dr Bower, Rev Blair, Mr Hall and Mr Buchanan, who kept an eye on health and safety matters, and inspired us by teaching us how to measure most accurately and different ways to measure velocity. From these results we were all able to make a table of results in Google Sheets which is one of the more important initial parts of the coursework.

Going to the river with our class friends was a fun activity and it was great that it involved gathering information for our academic work at the same time. Thank you staff for making this such a worthwhile and fun day (and safe too!).

Teiyoon K and Adrian W (Shell)