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We have been having an exciting time in English; our fables unit, which links in with the tangrams that the boys have been making in Design Technology and Maths, has now taken a new turn as Fergus has planned his own lesson, linking in with an inspiring Religious Studies lesson.

Mr Blair told the boys a story about a Prisoner of War Camp and how some guards miscounted the shovels brought in each day and, threatening everyone, executed one man who stepped forward to take responsibility, despite the fact that he was not involved. He took a bullet for his friends.

Fergus approached his teacher, Mrs Torrance, and asked if he could plan an English lesson where I Form could re-write this story as a fable, using the skills that we have been learning thus far in our English unit. Fergus made a flip chart and was truly inspiring. The boys have done a remarkable job and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Junior English


Thank you, Fergus, and well done for this excellent initiative!

Alexandra Torrance