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    On Friday 10 May, I Form went on an amazing school trip to Dounans. We all hopped onto the bus ready for a fantastic day ahead. On the way up, we marvelled at the scenery, which was magnificent.

    On arrival, we had a quick lunch and then it was time for our first activity, which was archery. This was the first time I have ever done archery but it definitely won’t be my last; when I shot the arrows, I felt like I was Robin Hood!

    Afterwards, we faced the horrifying ‘leap of faith’, a wooden pole that you have to climb up. When you are at the top, there is a very, very wobbly platform on which you stand in order to build up the confidence to jump off. I did make it to the top, but I was too scared to stand on the wobbly platform, so I sat on it instead and then wiggled my way to the edge of the platform and slipped off.

    The last activity was the night line, which involved you getting dirty but….. who cares! It was really fun.

    On day two, the first activity was crate climb, which I wasn’t expecting to be as good as it was. It involved a team of four, who all had different jobs. The aim was for one boy in the team to create a tower of crates and climb to the top of them, with the help of his teammates. I managed to climb onto 9 crates!

    Next, we faced the treacherous catwalk. For the catwalk challenge, you had to climb a tree, which was about 8 metres high, then walk across a wooden pole to another tree. It looked a little like a rugby goal. I completed the catwalk, which I was very happy about. I liked the fact that I pushed myself further than on the previous day’s leap of faith.

    In the afternoon, we did raft building, which involved us building a raft and then doing various tasks in a freezing pond. I think I fell in about 2 or 3 times, but it was worth it.

    Our last activity of day 2 was the night walk, which I found really fun and thought was beautiful; we saw a red squirrel, which is very rare nowadays.

    On the last day, we tackled the tree climb, which looked very scary. You had to climb a very high tree and when you were at the top, you rang a bell to show that you made it. I somehow made it, which I wasn’t expecting to do, and even completed it again whilst blindfolded!!

    Our last activity of the trip was ‘living outdoors’, which was amazing; we toasted marshmallows and learnt about different plants and trees.

    Dounans was definitely my favourite school trip because we worked as a team and I pushed myself to complete challenges that I previously would never have attempted. I would like to give Mrs Torrance, Mr Diggle and Badger, our guide at Dounans, a big thank you for organising this amazing trip and making it so much fun for everybody.

    Nicholas, I Form

    Nicholas, I Form