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The final event to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee was the EAL department’s Platinum Jubilee Time Capsule.

The idea is for the box to be opened in 70 years' time (in 2092), by future Merchistonians. Inside the capsule, our pupils placed newspaper clippings marking important events of 2022, as well as writings describing life today - and most importantly for future Merchistonians, a photo of the winning rugby team at Murrayfield from March 2022. 

The boys also chose to include an item, which they thought would be important to share with future students. We had a cricket ball signed by Luis and Keith (4F), ties by Max, Tim and Andrew (LVI), a Spanish flag from Pablo, Carlos and Eduardo (4F), a Hong Kong coin from Tim (4F), pictures from Miguel and Juan’s favourite games (2F), a whole school photo from Wilson, Michael and Calvin (LVI), a photo of everyone in Rogerson from Alvaro and Teo (Shell), Ukrainian and Russian flags from Nicolas, Hippolyte and Audric (4F) and writings about Chinese history from Sam and Jerry (Shell). 

Content of the Jubilee Time Capsule

In their groups, the boys also gave a presentation about the Time Capsule and their items - the recording of which will be shared with the EAL Department at Merchiston School in Shenzhen.

D. Rowlands helping pupils burying a Jubilee time capsule

The capsule was buried on the 30th June, next to the Platinum Jubilee Tree in the grounds of Merchiston.


Charlotte Arrowsmith