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    Whether it be the encroaching impacts of climate change or the startling loss of global biodiversity, it is no secret that the world is facing serious challenges. Despite this, there is great hope for the future as amazing people are working to improve our world by promoting a more sustainable way of life.

    In short, sustainability involves meeting the needs of the present without affecting the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It is based on a simple principle of fairness. Each of us should not take more than our fair share of the Earth’s resources.

    This concept is probably best encapsulated by the Sustainable Development Goals. These are 17 targets set by the United Nations for all member countries in an effort to support them in reducing their negative impact on the environment. Pupils might recognise these from walking up the steps of either Gibson House or Mount Olympus.

    UN Sustainable Development Goals poster with 17 goals
    PowerPoint slide with a definition of Sustainability

    Over the years, pupils at Merchiston have proven themselves up to the challenge of making our school a more sustainable environment through the Sustainability Committee. The committee has focussed on a range of issues from food waste to renewable energy. Fundamentally, the projects tackled by the committee have been selected by its members.

    This year, we are looking for new representatives from each of the Houses to be a part of the Sustainability Committee. All are welcome and we will aim to meet every fortnight, during Thursday lunchtime.

    Once we have our committee of future Attenboroughs and Thunbergs, we can continue to make our school a more sustainable place to live.

    Stuart Buchanan, Teacher of Geography and Head of PSHE