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My Home Is Your Home

There are various ideas as to what the initials Senior CU stands for. Some say it’s Christian Union, and while we do look at the Bible and pray, it is for those of all faiths and also no faith. Honest questions and love of discussion are the only entry requirements. Some say it stands for Curry Union...and yes!...there is a homemade (special recipe) curry, which seems to go down well.

Since September 2019, we have had 217 individual visits from over 80 different boys. Over the last four years of SCU, we must have fed over 2000 boys! Every Thursday, we welcome pupils from Merchiston Juniors along and enjoy the chatter of some of our youngest pupils. We are privileged to have a place to welcome people, and as they say in Spain, our attitude is very much mea casa sua casa - My home is your home.

Nick Blair