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    This half of term has built on the foundations from the last term, this being that all the pupils can safely use an air rifle and are feeling more confident in using a rifle as for some it was their first time. Building on this we have focused on The 4 Marksmanship Principles, in particular, the number 4 - “The shot must be released and followed through without undue disturbance to the position”. By focusing on this specific point, this term’s average group size has dramatically decreased, producing some incredible results, with the highlight being a 1cm group with ten shots!

    Looking on to the next half of term we will be focusing on how the boys align both themselves and the rifle to the target as well as continuing the critical aspect of how they conduct themselves around weapons. Looking even further ahead I would like to move the boys onto 0.22 rimfire which is a larger calibre bullet and shooting at a longer range.



    Tom Diggle