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Roman Day 24-05-2019

Roman Day

Last Friday was Roman day in First Form. First thing, we went up to DT to make shields out of cardboard. Dr. Nugent helped us to make them strong and we used a range of different materials. We then went back to the classroom, where we painted them outside the Pringle Centre, enjoying the hot weather. Mrs. Torrance ensured that we all had enough sun cream! I painted my shield red with gold markings around the outside and glued a ball of newspaper to the centre and painted that copper to make it look more realistic.

We had a lovely time. Whilst we were painting, we snacked on Roman foods that our parents, and Mrs.Torrance, helped us to prepare. Our class had brought in all sorts of meals that the Romans would have eaten. We had fruit, bread, roast chicken, salads, honey cake and cheese. My favourite was the honey that the Foley family brought in from their bees. After we finished painting the shields, we left them to dry and went inside to put on our togas. Lots of us had brought sheets and belts for our costumes, which made us all look like proper Romans. We then split into two teams, the Celts versus the Romans, and charged into the dell, where we fought a mock war. My team, the Romans, found a hidden area that we made into a base for our army.

As we were returning back to our classroom, a real army helicopter landed on the First Fifteen pitches. The wind from the propeller was so strong that it nearly blew my hair off! It then took off and flew over our heads. I had a very fun and exciting day and would like to thank Mrs.Torrance for making it so enjoyable.

Ismael, I Form


Ismael, I Form