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Senior Team Maths Challenge in London

On the third of February, Dr Vian took three boys from LVI, one boy from UVI to participate in the 2019/20 Senior Team Maths Challenge that took place in London. We left school after lunchtime on Monday for Edinburgh Airport. During the flight, we did some preparation for the competition and bonded as a team.

It was late afternoon when we arrived at Gatwick Airport; we were staying near to Victoria Station, a cosy environment to settle in ahead of the next day! We all had a much-needed dinner to refuel all of us for the upcoming competition.

On Tuesday morning, we headed for Royal Horticultural Hall, a magnificent venue where the competition took place. This year’s competition involved 88 teams across the UK; five came from Scotland, including Merchiston. The competition started with a poster round, a round that requires solid chemistry knowledge as well as creativity. We gave it our all and produced a decent piece. The subsequent crossword round seemed more manageable as we had sound time management and high accuracy skills. During the shuttle round, it was about sending the opposite pair the correct information. We slightly struggled, therefore, did not complete 1 out of 4 sets of questions. The last round was a relay; we had to run and tried our best to get the questions right. Some bits were really tricky, but we gave it everything. Overall, we finished in a promising position.

The whole trip and experience were very memorable and enjoyable; we all cherished the opportunity. From the competition, we learnt the importance of encouraging teammates, following a systematical approach even though time may be tight, and more importantly, keeping our heads up when the going gets tough. We showed our heart and desire to compete so we should be proud of ourselves.

Last but not least, we would like to say thank you so much to Dr Vian and the Maths Department for organising the trip and providing the best for us. We really appreciated it.

Daniel, LVI